S. A failed Winnie Mandela

Its been a while since I spoke about anything here on this blog. Well I am back and today we talking about mama Winnie Mandela. A fallen hero, champion to the Nation, to Black South Africans.

Today is not about me though but about a thread that I saw on twitter regarding Winnie and the death of Stompie, which the apartheid government blamed on Winnie.

Here is the thread by Katleho Mk

Every time we celebrate & honour Mama Winnie Mandela there’s always those that bring up that she killed or ordered the killing of 14 year old Stompie Seipei / Moeketsi (RIP)

This thread of videos will shed some light on the matter & clear her name.


1. Some Background information on the targeting of Winnie Mandela by the Security branch. Vic McPherson the then director of STRATCOM shares about spying on Winnie Mandela and using black agents to infiltrate ANC, Trade Unions, SACP etc.

2. Vic McPherson explains that President PW Botha came up with a psychological warfare against Black people which used various communication for propaganda to discredit Winnie Mandela and other Black leaders.

3. The murder of Stompie was used to divide and destabilize the Black community. Winnie Mandela was blamed for the murder that even the UDF/MDM distanced themselves from her. The apartheid government exploited the narrative to turn the Black community against Winnie Mandela.

4. It was often said that Winnie Mandela killed or ordered the killing of Stompie because he was a police informer. The re-investigation of Winnie Mandela led to the discovery that Jerry Richardson killed Stompie because Stompie found out that Jerry was a police informer.

5. The apartheid government never wanted the relationship of Nelson & Winnie especially after the release of Nelson. Winnie was too radical for their liking. When Nelson was invited to the USA, a film about Winnie was sent to America to declare her an international terrorist

6. Winnie Mandela was the only ANC member that was brought before the TRC. The witnesses were not credible at all and Jerry Richardson confessed to being a police informer. Winnie Mandela could’ve been the Deputy President of the ANC but her image was badly tainted.

7. Even though Winnie Mandela was brought before the TRC, the allegations against her were of a criminal kind and yet there was no official criminal investigation. It was clear that the TRC aimed at tainting the image of Winnie Mandela to humiliate her even further.

8. Desmond Tutu in the TRC begged Winnie Mandela to apologies for something she didn’t do. Till this day, Winnie Mandela has not forgiven Tutu for requesting her to do that.

9. Winnie Mandela fought & sacrificed a lot for us. For over three decades, she kept the struggle alive. She was always there with the people & chose not to go to exile. Apartheid tried by all means to break her spirit but never gave in. She didn’t deserve the treatment from TRC.

10. In conclusion, Winnie Mandela never killed nor ordered the killing of Stompie Seipei / Moeketsi. Jerry Richardson killed Stompie to cover his own tracks that he was a police informer. Stompie knew this information & Jerry didn’t want Winnie to find out so he killed him.

Thats all I have for now, I’m not going to say anything except for those who doubted Mama Winnie, for those ridiculed her I hope you read and watch this thread and stop being ignorant.

The Struggle Continues till we get our Land back


2 thoughts on “S. A failed Winnie Mandela

  1. Hi guys, more stories to follow regarding Winnie Mandela and how she was betrayed, velified and dismissed by the apartheid government and her political party that she worked very for. In the end they all didnt wan’t to her prosper and lead the ANC including her husband at the time.


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